Saturday, June 10, 2006



I have a confession to make.. I actually no longer with this company... I've joined this company 6 month ago... Why only now I confessed it with you? Because... At first, I thought I just want to "try"... But guess what?? This is my 6th month here. And so far, I love the job! And hopefully I'll stay here longer.. :)

Why do I leave the previous company? Coz I've been cheated. That's all that I can say.

So far... These are the reasons why I love this job:
* the commission scheme *serious sh*t this scheme is damn good!!!*
* the people around me
* the job itself
* the knowledge that I gain by attending every workshop that we conducted
* the pressure that we created between us!!!
* the stories that I can always share with papa

Banyak lagi actually. Tapi cukup la dulu stakat ni... So, pada kengkawan yg still ingat I am with this company, I'm sorry for not telling you all.. I have my own reason...


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