Sunday, November 26, 2006

One Year Older Huh?

I was born this time 26 years ago... *7.22 p.m*
And today...
Sempena my 26th Birthday, I would like to thank both Mama and Papa for the wonderful 26 years of my life. And I really hope that it will never end.. Being their daughter is the most precious gift ever. With that, I thank you both, and of course, I love you!!!
I oso would like to thank my brothers, sisters, darling, best friends, friends, colleagues and everyone for the calls, sms-es, wishes, presents, nyanyi-nyanyian, dinner, lunch and thoughts... Last night I celebrated my birthday with Papa and family... Today, I celebrate it with Mama and my brothers... Tomorrow will be with my darling and friends.. I really² appreciate it. And I know I am loved by everyone.
Above all, I would like to thank Allah the Mighty for EVERYTHING... Thank You. Thank You.
*p/s: I shared the same birthday with our beloved PM. Happy Birthday Pak Lah!!!

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