Saturday, March 03, 2007



I am here now at my dad's place.. Even it is not the 'break' that i want.. But kira ok la.. Away from hiruk pikuk kat KL tu.. I just need to be away..

Actually I'm here to take care of my little brother and sisters... Papa and auntie are away.. Labuan. So.. Here come the big sister to take care of them. Tadi pagi² dah bangun anta my parents to the airport. Now... I'm incharge of everything. To take care of the kids, the cars, the house, the cats, the fish, the nenek and everything... And suddenly i realize.. Pergh... Besarnyer tanggungjawab... I'll be here sampai besok je. Then, the next baby sitter will be here for them plak..

We *iqa & i have planned few activities ari ni and tomorrow. Antaranya lawatan agung to the mall.. Coz she said "dah lama x jejak kaki kat sana.." So, the sister yg baik hati ni pun agree la... Then maybe a visit to my fav salon.. Bukannye ape.. Kat sini murah je.. Compared to KL. And in the evening a visit to Astana for our sauna session.. Hehe... Tapi apa² hal pun, kena anta minah ni pegi golf class dulu. Baru bleh citer tu sumer..

Kay la people.. Nak gi Petronas beli breakfast jap.. Adios..

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