Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pelik Vs. Special


Adakah saya ni seorang yang PELIK bila:
  • other girls in da office bz reading CLEO, Female, Her World and few other magazines and I'm bz doing my Sudoku.
  • sum of my frens prefer to spend their time with the love ones *bf*, or close frens or frens but I prefer to spend my time with my family especially with my parents.
  • while others r bz gossipping, I prefer to sit still at my workstation reading or completing my Sudoku
  • others put the picture of the bf/gf/hubby on the desk and I prefer to put my family pictures..

Someone says this to me.."U're not pelik.. U're SPECIAL!!!"


mate said...

tak pelik pun... :P

Fabmama said...

you ARE special darling :)

witty angel said...

u r not pelik at all!!u r great!!!!!people should treasure their family more than their bf/gf..=)