Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Red Eyes


I dunno why but today I dun feel good kat office. Ada je la yg x kena. And to make it worst, I feel a bit uncomfortable with my eyes. This is what happened to my eyes...

Ada sket rasa gatal tapi still under control

And still aku wat x tau lagi... Then, i went for my meal break... Once i'm done with my dinner, naik office and this is how bad it turns...

Teramat la gatal and my eyes dah start berair

Memula tu rasa cam malas nak inform my TM, tapi memandangkan I can't stand the itchiness and i need to see the doctor desperately... Nak tak nak trus la kena inform her... So she asked me to go off...

And i went to Poliklinik Gomez kat Street Mall tu... Dpt MC... Tapi juz for today je la... Doctor kata before i went to bed should be ok...

The Diagnosis

The Medical Certificate

The eye drop yg ko masukkan kat mata tapi trus rasa pahit kat tekak - knape ek?

The ubat to reduce the redness of my eyes

The ubat for the itchiness of my eyes

Alhamdulillah.. My eyes are getting better now... Nite people!!!

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enchekchotz said...

salam.. ni 1st time sy terjah blog kamu.. well, i'm not a certified medical practioner, tp pnah la keje kat pharmacy 1 tika dulu.. i asked my pharmacist why ar after put the eye drops, my throat tasted pahit2 one??

she said, rongga mata bersambung dgn rongga hidung & tekak.. thats why dlm cter ripley's believe it or not, ade 1 scene org minum susu pastu kuar kan kt mate..

ekceli menda tuh connected... sbb tu kalu kite bersin time tgh makan, ade la nasi ke or mee (in my case!!) kuar balik kt hidung.. tp x la kuar kt mate coz the rongga kecik ajo kan??