Monday, February 02, 2009

Concern seorang Papa


I've been asked by Papa whether I'm ready to get married to my love one. Whether I'm sure he is the one. Whether keputusan aku muktamad without having to consider about benda2 lain. Well the answer is YES. Mungkin pada dasarnya nampak macam aku jenis yg tak amik kisah. Bak kata papa, "you're in love and maybe you didn't see the consequences in future." Yes, I admit that I'm so much in love with him. But that doesn't mean, all I see is only him. Being me, I am so particular. I'll ask him every single thing. Kenapa, bagaimana, siapa, bila, semua tu dah ditanya. Bukan setakat itu, tapi bukti pun aku mintak sekali. Mungkin pada papa, I'm not sure about it coz I refused to answer his question about my love one. To be honest, I know almost everything about him. Be it the good ones, bad ones and not to forget, his past. Anak kesayangan papa ini adalah sangat particular. Cuma, I dun want to be his spokesperson. That's why when he asked me in depth about him, my answer will be "nanti jumpa dia, papa tanya la sendiri kat dia." Why? Because I want you to hear it from tuan punya badan. Not me.

Setiap orang ada pros and cons nya. Kalau menantu idaman papa adalah someone who plays golf, has business minded, drives a BMW and a Rexton as his second car, someone who can shower me with wealth, yes, he's out there and you know who he is. But, I'm sorry... I am not that materialistic. Mungkin pada dasarnya nampak best kan? Tapi sedarkah papa yg orang itu sentiasa tidak ada masa untuk anaknya yg seorang ini? Boleh ke papa mendiamkan diri bila satu hari nanti, I balik Kuantan / hang around with our family without him being around? Boleh ke papa terima menantu yg mempunya pemikiran "my family is my family, your family is your family?". Apa pula kata papa if anaknya jatuh ditempat yg entah ke berapa selepas business, kawan2 and keluarganya sendiri dlm carta priority list menantunya itu nanti?

I prefer someone yang sederhana. Yang boleh menerima diri ini seadanya without trying to change me. Someone who has ample time for me. Someone who appreciates me in every way. Bukan lah nak kata sebab I'm in love with him, I can only see him. Semuanya baik dimata aku. Nope. Setiap orang ada kelemahan masing2. Tapi perlu ke untuk aku ceritakan kelemahan seseorang yg mungkin pada suatu hari nanti akan menjadi my life partner to everyone? Baik atau buruk, Insyaallah, boleh aku terima and we have sit and talked about it sebelum ni. As long as i know the beauty and the ugly side of him and I've accepted him as he is, Insyaallah, with the blessings from my family especially both of my parents, I'll be the happiest person in the world. Everyone make mistakes. But people changed and people learnt from their mistakes.

Apa pun, I'm glad I have a father yg begitu concern about my feelings. Sikit lagi aku nak nangis bila papa kata "you are my daughter and I love you. I dun want to hurt you by asking you to think. I'm doing this coz I dun want my daughter to be hurt in future." I know sejak Azali lagi that you love and care for me, Pa. And I do really appreciate it. Don't you worry about him taking me away from you. I've made him promised me about that. Insyaallah, he'll be a good husband, father and also son in law to you, mama and auntie. Not to forget, a brother in law to my siblings.



Anonymous said...

Why i feel like you taking about me??

rz said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by.

I'm sorry if ever i've offended you. No heart feelings.

Anonymous said...

Guess sape yg mkn cili dia yg terasa pedas !!! Kengkdg pedas tu sedap gak... ;D

rz said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, it's true "sape makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas!!!". It may be a coincidence that this entry accidentally 'tertembak' u...

Juz want u to know, i'm not talking about u and ur family. I'm not that type my dear... I'm not 'using' ur experience(s) as an example.