Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Q: How can I stop my brother from making a huge mistake? He's dating a girl who is totally wrong for him! She clashes with our whole family plus he's completely changed from being a fun-loving jovial guy to being this person who is walking on eggshells around her. I'm just so worried he's going to propose to her.

A: Who are you now, the happiness police? The fact that he is still with her and may even be considering proposing obviously means that he is receiving something substantial from this girl. Could it be that the family has put out such a negative vibe to the girl that your brother is determined to show you all that he was right in dating her? While your fears are probably warranted, implying that your brother is making a mistake will not bring him back from the brink of disaster. In fact it will only alienate him further. All you can do is be there for him if things do go wrong without using the phrase "I told you so". This is one of those things you cannot change, so just accept it.

Cleo magazine, May 2009 issue, QA men section

I dunno. But this particular person's 'dilemma' really attracts me. Yeah, maybe because somehow or rather it relates to my current situation. Where I'm surrounded by those we call 'Happiness Police'. Sorry, I'm not going to elaborate further on that. I prefer to keep it to my self. *yea, I know... It is so me..*

Kita bukan Tuhan untuk tentukan qada' dan qadar seseorang. Kita tak boleh nampak apa yg akan terjadi pada masa akan datang. Kita hanya boleh menjangka. Tapi kita tak tahu samada jangkaan kita itu betul atau salah. Sekiranya itu adalah qada' dan qadar dari Nya, kita sepatutnya menerima dan berusaha agar sesuatu yang tidak diingini tidak berlaku pada masa hadapan.

A close fren says "kalau nak jadi hati kering, biar betul-betul kering. Jangan kejap-kejap fikir about hurting other people's feelings... Awak terlampau memikirkan orang lain!"

Like what stated in the last sentence "This is one of those things you cannot change, so just accept it!"


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