Friday, August 07, 2009

Kasut comel


Last Friday, Odah and I went to buy farewell gift for our friend. Best kan kalau EJP or IJP? Coz nanti bleh dapat presents. :)We bought him a gift set consists of wallet and a belt. Alaaa... Yang macam orang buat hantaran tu... Hope he'll like it.

Then, we went to the customer service section to get it wrapped and while waiting, I registered for the Sogo card. Apa fungsi pun tak tau. Coz I seldom jenjalan ke sana. Ramai sangat orang. Tak pe laa.. For collection purpose. Haha...

Settle with that, we went straight to the kids section joined by Syukri, Odah's hubby. Owh... I got so excited menengok budak2 punya stuff... Especially part kasut. Comel!!! Aku excited to the stage yg Odah sound "sabar, siti radz"... hehehe... seriously... I can't imagine if one day aku ada dah ada anak. Hari2 shopping pun takpe.

Comel kan?

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