Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not a good day...


How do u react...

When someone close to you tells u that he/she is dying?
When he/she tells u that he/she was diagnosed with a serious desease?
When he/she tells u that he/she is in pain every single minute?
When he/she tells u that the pain is killing him/her?
When he/she tells u that how he/she wish to turn back time?
When he/she tells u not to worry about his/her condition?
When he/she wants you to start avoiding him/her?

I cried out loud the moment that someone told me his/her condition. Even it is not confirmed yet, as the doctor will do final test tomorrow. I've tried not to get carried away coz I dun want to break his/her heart. But I can't. That someone knows that I'm sad. I just can't hide it. I know, I'm suppose to give my full support towards his/her condition. I'm trying my best now. But I guess I'm not strong enuff to face all this.

God, please tell me that this is just rumours. And please God, I beg you... I don't want that someone to go... Ameen...

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